CLCA Assistance is a provider of Medical Assistance and Ground and Air Ambulance services within an established Medical Solutions company that specialises in the provision of complex clinical care.

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Global control centres providing 24-hour day duty


Countries and territories covered by our services

Our Mission

CLCA Assistance is a high quality provider of medical assistance in the field of patient retrieval, transfer and repatriation, especially in the context of aeromedical transport aircraft and commercial airline scenarios used for carrying patient-passengers. It is comprehensively staffed with highly qualified and experienced medical and nursing personnel who maintain a high level of clinical competency by maintaining currency in the provision of healthcare in the UK National Health Service (NHS). Its medical equipment is state of the art and maintained in peak condition for access 24/7/265. With expert and experienced staff and top of the range equipment, CLCA Assistance is appropriately equipped to operate confidently, safely and efficiently in the medical assistance and patient transport roles.

CLCA Assistance is proud to combine the two distinct professional disciplines of aviation and medicine with strong leadership and seamless collaboration between both specialities. The medical department is consultant-led by a highly qualified and experienced intensive care senior management team, and the ultimate go/no go decisions in our patient transport operations are made with the best interests of the patients as the central focus.

In fact, patient care is at the very epicentre of our mission. We are dedicated to providing compassionate, safe and expedient medical services to all our clients, wherever in the world, they are. Using modern and innovative techniques for assessing and managing aeromedical risks, we confidently strive to be the most reliable and caring patient transport provider in the industry.

Our Scope of Care

CLCA Assistance offers bespoke aeromedical retrieval and transport of patients to or from any location using a dedicated network of air ambulances and ground ambulances. It also offers a global commercial airline repatriation service using the same experienced and skilled Flight Medical Crew that staff the air ambulance missions.

Our aim is to provide a guaranteed bed-to-bed service for those commissioning clients who are happy to place all case-handling assistance in our hands, but we are also adept at completing wing-to-wing missions that originated by other air ambulance services. Our skilled medical operations staff have many combined years of experience in medical assistance matters, and CLCA Assistance is proud to offer any level of service from a stand-alone aeromedical transfer through to full case management.

Our Company

CLCA Assistance is part of the CLCA group which has a long and successful track record in the provision of complex healthcare in both the hospital and community setting. The Company specialises its services in a wide variety of complex healthcare conditions, including acquired brain injuries, spinal injuries, neurological disorders, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and those requiring intravenous and PEG feeding, as well as others who are ventilator dependent and boasts an Outstanding rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We boast a highly qualified and experienced office and clinical team that run 24-hours a day, 365-days a year providing a bed-to-bed service across the globe.

We enable clients to make their own choices as to where they want to receive further care; be it in a different hospital, at home or, through our medical repatriation service, in a different country.

Our commitment to our clients is at the heart of our Company. We look to build on this commitment by being recognised as a reliable, knowledgeable and efficient service.

At the heart of the Company is our commitment to our clients. By being recognised as a reliable, knowledgeable and efficient brand, we look to build on this commitment.

Our Staff

Our recruitment process is thorough and will include a personal interview with a Clinical Manager, checks into qualifications, experience and competencies, a review of current health and immunisation records and an Enhanced Disclosure.

The Company aims to provide a quality service to our clients through the provision of the very best staff. It is for that reason our processes strive to exceed the minimum statutory recruitment and selection standards required.

CLCA Assistance recruiters apply a strict set of criteria to all applicants to ensure that all staff are properly qualified, experienced and adaptable to service needs.



Following a successful interview, the completion of necessary checks and the receipt of satisfactory references, staff must complete induction training specific to the patient transport service, and achieve high exam score passes before they become eligible to work for CLCA Assistance.

New recruits are then entered in to a supervised and mentored program to ensure ongoing training, skills updates and opportunities to discuss and learn from difficult cases.

Each staff member must also retain clinical currency and competency in a UK hospital or other medical facility, and is also responsible for maintaining currency in all required mandatory and statutory training.

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Ground Services

CLCA Assistance offers patient inter-hospital road transfers around the UK as well as ground repatriation to/from nearby Europe. This is an alternative medical repatriation service that may be available to be deployed to most European countries.

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Medical Assistance

CLCA has a dedicated team of qualified medical assistance professionals that are experienced in the case management of clients across the world who are ill or injured and who require clinical or logistic intervention, treatment, transfer and/or repatriation.

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Flight Services

Our range of available flight services allow clients to be transferred or repatriated to receive the care or treatment they require.

Connecting the world through care.

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